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Eine Karte. Viele Filter.

The SANUSMAP APP is online. Check it out now!

SANUSMAP this is an online card service with an online map service with a Google interface on which multiple filters – programmed specially by SANUSLIFE – run. Installing the app on your smartphone will enable you to see things no other map can show you. For example drinking water points, points of sales accepting SANUSCOIN and companies that are members of our shopping community.


The purpose of this map is to show the user all of the drinking water points where the MY WATER BOTTLE can be filled with drinking water – free or for a fee.

Entrepreneurs have the ability to register as a MAP partner, be displayed on the map, offer drinking water to the users – free or for a fee – and thus advertise for their business.

This is possible. This is the idea behind the MAP!

  • Finding nearby drinking water points
  • Discovering MAP partners and their offers
  • Using various ad functions via filters
  • Receive push messages so you don't miss anything
  • Find SANUSCOIN POS acceptance points

Offer for water fans – prerequisite FREE user:

Anyone who is participating in the SANUSPLANET project and wishes to provide water at no charge – or has come across free, easily accessible drinking water points – these can be tracked using a form for users.

The registered FREE user has the following options:

  1. Tracking locations by GPS e.g. for hard-to-describe water sources in the mountains

  2. Leaving comments e.g. on the drinking water points shown on the map

  3. Chatting with other users (link to SANUSWORLD)

Register now for free

Offer for companies – prerequisite MAP partner

An ad packet of 199 euros (excluding VAT) is offered to the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur can enter the following data for his or her company in the logged in area:

  1. Company name

  2. Industry (sports, leisure, restaurant, hotel...)

  3. Address

  4. Website

  5. Phone and email

  6. Several different images

The MAP partner has the option of offering the following services:

  1. MY WATER BOTTLE for sale

  2. Site and ad placement

  3. Counter with drinking water: Free OR fee-based upon request

  4. Counter of basic and ionized ECAIA water: Free OR fee-based upon request More…

  5. POS acceptance "SANUSCOIN": a utility payment token, offered by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL More…