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Corporate Brochure EN/DE/IT

The SLI corporate brochure presents SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL’s broad product and service portfolio.
Languages: English / German / Italian

  • Multilingual (3-in-1 format): English, German and Italian
  • Practical for distribution to potentially interested parties to inform them offline about SANUS[B]LIFE[/B] INTERNATIONAL’s vast offer
  • It conveys an image of great value and credibility, creates sales-promoting benefits and builds trust
  • 4/4-color high-quality magazine printing with saddle stitching, in DIN A4 landscape format, 36 pages
  • High-quality soft-touch cover finish
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The SLI corporate brochure conveys an image of great value and credibility, offers benefits and builds trust. The brochure has been specially designed to give the reader a clear and incisive overview of the wide range of products and services offered by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL.

Its advantages in detail:

1) It promotes sales
It provides an excellent basis for a sales interview, or can be handed out as an advertising brochure or for deepening the contents after a sales talk. The aim is to inform the interested party with the brochure, to explain the scope and versatility of the wide offer, thus leading him to take concrete action (registration).

2) It builds credibility
Similar to a business card, the corporate brochure is a real advertising poster. Moreover, in many business environments, a company is only taken seriously if it has a brochure. After all, a company brochure expresses trustworthiness, reliability, quality and authenticity.

3) Conservation
In terms of conservation as well, it again presents parallels with a business card. Printed on durable, coated paper, it is readily stored and just as readily picked up and leafed through.

4) Online and offline
Not everyone informs themselves exclusively online. The printed brochure offers independence from the network and from electricity. If you still prefer to surf online, you will always find simple links for reaching SANUSLIFE's contents quickly on the Internet and for signing up on our platform.

5) Practical and versatile
Whether to emphasize an offer in the context of a sales talk, or to launch a new product or to professionally communicate your contact data, including your visiting card - with the corporate brochure you will always make a good impression!

6) Reciprocity effect
The presentation of a high-quality brochure to an interested party can be regarded as a gift. If you get something as a gift, you usually want to return the favor. The technical term for this interpersonal phenomenon is reciprocity. Handing out the brochure does not necessarily lead to a large turnover – but is always rewarded with time and attention!

The company brochure is also available in PDF format in the Russian-Spanish-French version (RU-ES-FR). If you order more than 1,000 pieces, you can request a printed version at


Top Produkt!
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07/06/2019, 16:46

Eine hervorrgande Broschüre um SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL anspruchsvoll zu präsentieren.

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10/03/2019, 16:08

Super ist sie gelungen Danke

05/02/2019, 10:44