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  • To give people access to clean drinking water and to enhance their inner and outer beauty with exclusive products.
  • To connect people all over the world.
  • To offer, through cooperation with other companies, even more high quality products from all sectors and at the best prices, together with an opportunity to reach financial freedom.
  • To give small and medium-sized businesses a valid solution for the sale of their products through direct marketing, thus avoiding the price pressure exerted by the top distribution leaders.


In the first place, SANUSLIFE®INTERNATIONAL wants to offer everyone the possibility to determine for themselves the quality of the water they drink every day. For this reason, our company manufactures products in various price ranges, so that access to clean drinking water can become as simple as possible for each and every inhabitant of the planet. Since referral marketing is the most effective way to advertise and sell, SANUSLIFE®INTERNATIONAL, thanks to its intelligent system of discounts and bonuses, intends to become the best shopping and earning community worldwide.

We constantly strive to realize this vision in the near future:

  • SANUSLIFE®INTERNATIONAL focuses on producing quality products in different price ranges, but always with great value for money.
  • Satisfied customers gladly share their positive experiences with others. Whether they realize it or not, they automatically become our “spokespersons”. For this reason, our company has abandoned traditional advertising channels and prefers to directly reward everyone who successfully recommends our products.
  • People are the heart and soul of SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL. Although our company cannot fulfill every wish of every single member, it gives them all the opportunity to shape, through their personal commitment, determination and diligence, their own future success.


The values that guide and inspire us in our business activities are:

  • Passion: Water is the source of all life. We all love water and we love living a beautiful and healthy life, to be enjoyed with our dear ones for many years to come.
  • Respect: Mutual respect is essential as it represents the right approach paving the way for a fruitful and winning collaboration.
  • Quality: Although not immediately evident, the quality of our products is recognized at first sight by anyone using them. Wherever possible, we demonstrate the quality of our products with certifications, tests and analyses.
  • Collaboration: 1 +1 = 3. Synergies are the key to achieving more. And we strive to achieve more. This can only be done together, because people need other people – and people help other people. This results in concentrated, unchecked energy, which leads us to achieve more.
  • Perseverance: We are demanding when it comes to our products and to those of our Partner Companies. We take all the time necessary to create or to find the best products available, capable of delivering the best results.